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If you are curious to know what deep house cleaning entails precisely, you have come to the right place. Sometimes people tend to associate deep cleaning with your regular house cleaning. However, these two cleaning processes are not quite the same. The fundamental difference is that deep cleaning your home room by room is much more detailed. Below you can find a comprehensive guide to what is included in a deep house cleaning service so that you can assess if you may or may not need one for your home.

What is included in a kitchen deep house cleaning?

The kitchen is an area where a deep residential cleaning service is probably most appreciated. Why? Because not only do the surfaces go through a thorough cleanse, but the appliances and kitchen utensils are also scrubbed and disinfected. This means that both the inside and the outside of your appliances get cleaned from the dirt and grease that pile up through frequent use.

So, you can rest assured that all of your appliances, such as the dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator, are cleaned and/or defrosted – including the shelves. In addition, other elements in the kitchen will also be cleaned, disinfected, wiped, and vacuumed to perfection: 


Interestingly, most people tend to overlook that their kitchen surfaces and items in the kitchen are actually unsanitary. When you use your kitchen every day, you may not notice dirt as you are focusing on food preparation rather than the surfaces of the appliances. However, this blindness to uncleanliness can turn your kitchen into a legitimate health hazard after some time. This is one of the reasons why doing deep house cleaning at least once a year is so important.

An apartment deep clean professional with gloves and cleaning liquid.

What is included in a bathroom deep house cleaning?

Another household area that benefits greatly from a deep cleanse is the bathroom. Your bathroom(s) will be efficiently rejuvenated with the help of high-quality non-toxic cleaning liquids. A regular bathroom deep cleanse includes scrubbing the floor and wall tiles, windows, light switches, and air vents. Basically, all surfaces that your eyes can get ahold of. Note that this includes not only rigorous scrubbing but also removal of mold, limescale, cobwebs, and all other sources of dirt and disease.

However, the cleaning team also takes care of more than meets the eye. So, you can count on the cleaners to: 

A deep house cleaning service professional wiping a bathroom cabinet.

Deep house cleaning procedure for living rooms and bedrooms

Your living room and bedrooms will go through a detailed cleaning procedure that involves 

A man in protective gear cleaning a living room table.

When do I need to hire a deep house cleaning service?

Essentially, residential deep cleaning is performed in various situations when people want to achieve the highest possible standard of cleanliness they can have in their homes. Regular house maintenance can eliminate most of the dirt, germs, viruses, toxins, and other harmful substances that get piled up in our homes daily. But, deep house cleaning leaves no room for error.

It ensures every single dirty spot in your home, on your furniture and appliances, is eradicated. This means that deep home cleaning is apartment cleaning to perfection, not to mention the numerous health benefits of a clean home.

Many of our clients turn to our residential cleaning service after a celebration they organize in their homes. This includes celebrations such as birthday parties, weddings, vow renewals, graduation parties, etc. However, deep house cleaning is perhaps most needed as a move-in cleaning and move-out cleaning procedure.

Move-in deep cleaning

And this makes perfect sense. If you are moving to a new home in Kentucky, you probably want to make sure that it is spotless before transporting all of your belongings from your old home. Let’s face it. You can never be too sure that the previous occupants cleaned your new house as devotedly as you need it to be cleaned. That is why deep cleaning your home before you move in is highly recommended.

Also, it is a good idea to hire the assistance of a responsible residential moving company that can do a quick and clean transfer to a new Kentucky neighborhood. This way, you will be sure that your belongings are handled properly and your floors, doorways, and walls left clean and intact.

Move-out deep cleaning

On the other hand, the primary purpose of hiring a move-out deep cleaning service in Kentucky is to give your property a competitive edge in the local real estate market. First impressions are not important – they are essential. A relatively modest home can leave an outstanding impression on potential homebuyers if it is deep cleaned to perfection. Conversely, even if you are selling a luxury home, spots of dirt, breadcrumbs, small spills, or any such oversight can unnecessarily reduce the value of your home.

As with moving in, it is vital that your moving out process does not leave your home looking unkempt. Furthermore, the moving crew behind Strong-Ass Movers advises that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, moving teams must be careful not to leave dirt, soil, or other potentially hazardous substances that can spread the disease in the house. So, make sure to do research and find relocation assistance that can meet these standards.

Booking an Appointment with Spotlessly Clean 

If you decide to hire a professional deep cleaning team to clean your house for you, you can rest assured that your home will be squeaky clean by the time they finish cleaning it.

If your home is in West GA, East Al, Southern IL, or Western KY, you can count on Spotlessly Clean anytime you need help with cleaning and sanitizing your house, office, or apartment. Having lots of experience paired with affordability, this professional cleaning company even offers you the chance to get a free estimate.

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