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‘Tis the season to be jolly! But, ’tis also the season to be welcoming your friends and family members into your home. This means two things – making sure you have the best holiday food to serve and making sure you have the cleanest home to show. And, today, we will focus on the second. How do you make your home guest-ready while balancing the hustle and bustle that comes with the upcoming holidays? It is simple – you do that with our pre-holiday cleaning tips. We will show you how to clean your home thoroughly, make it presentable, and still have enough time to cook and have fun with your loved ones. Thus, if you are interested in these kinds of pre-holiday cleaning tips, we suggest you keep on reading. Who knows, maybe some of these tips end up saving your holiday.

Preparation is the Key!

One of the most critical pre-holiday cleaning tips we can give you is that everything lies in preparation! Proper cleaning preparation is the key to making your home guest-ready. To do that, you first need a pen and a piece of paper. On that piece of paper, write down everything that needs to be cleaned; that is, write down your priorities. This will help you stay organized. Then, check your cleaning-supplies cupboard and see whether you lack some of your favorite cleaners. If you do, prepare for shopping and buy more than you think you would need. Trust us, holidays are hectic, and you will need all the cleaners in the world to keep your home clean and tidy. Finally, talk with your partner, children, housemates, etc., and try to split the cleaning chores. That way, you will deep clean your home for the holidays without losing your temper, as well as your time and energy.

A list.

Start With the Entryway

Now that you have everything planned out, we suggest starting with the entryway. That is the first thing your guests will see. So, if you want to make an excellent first impression, start with sweeping your front porch. Be sure there is no clutter and debris there. Then, move onto the hallway (which is also part of the entryway, right?) and vacuum and dust everything there. Wash the windows, clean the doors, and maybe change that old doormat. 

Entryways (and hallways) are often neglected when cleaning. This is because hosts think nobody will pay attention to those things as nobody will spend much time there. But they are wrong. As mentioned before, these two areas of your home will help you make a good first impression. Think about that before your guests start arriving. Moreover, think about that if you maybe plan to sell your home and move during the holidays. If this is your plan, trust us, your entryway can make or break your sale.  

Focus on the Kitchen and Bathroom the Most

Even though you and your friends and family members will spend most of your time in the living room, do not pay much attention to it. After all, living rooms usually require a little bit of vacuuming and dusting before the guests arrive. Instead, invest your time and energy in cleaning your kitchen and bathroom. You should clean these two areas as if it were the time for spring cleaning.  The only rule you should follow here is to clean everything from top to bottom. Make sure every surface is clean and sanitized. Do not forget to tackle the insides of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets too. And, once everything is clean, light a holiday candle in your bathroom and add some potpourri in your kitchen.

A kitchen.

Do Not Neglect the Guest Bedroom

Are some of your guests staying at your home during the holidays? If they are, you better prepare a guest bedroom for them. If you have one, great. But, if you do not, then consider turning some of your spare bedrooms (or an office, home gym, etc.) into a place where they could sleep. As long as you have that extra space, this shouldn’t be hard. All you have to do is move around the existing furniture and make room for a temporary bed (or a real one, if you have it). Look for some ideas online -you would be surprised at the things you can find there. The consultants at say that it’s crucial to learn how to properly move furniture or where to store it to avoid injuries just before the holidays. Also, sites such as are full of ideas on how to turn any room into a guest bedroom. However, do not just turn any room into a guest bedroom and forget about it. You need to deep clean it too. Vacuum the carpets, mop the floors, dust every inch of the room, wash the doors and the windows, etc.

Bed and pillows.

To Sum Up

As you have seen, making your home guest-ready does require some work. But, our pre-holiday cleaning tips are there to make things easier for you. So, try to follow them as much as you can. And, try to start following them ahead of time, not a day before your guests arrive, as that will only evoke panic, and thus, you will not get anything done. The sooner you start, the better. That is, the sooner you start cleaning, the more time and energy you will save for later on. And, we can all agree that time and energy are something we all need during the holidays. 

However, do not worry if you start to encounter difficulties with having your home clean and in decent shape for the holidays. Holidays are not the time to worry, especially when it comes to things such as cleaning. No matter whether you are in Bremen, Ga or Jacksonville, Al, or in someplace third, you will undoubtedly be able to find cleaning help – a professional cleaning agency will provide their services and make your life easier!

Need Help With all of These?

If you, find yourself struggling to make your home guest-ready and clean while also doing all the holiday-related stuff (such as cooking, gift shopping, visiting people and having people visit you, etc.), it might be a good idea to ask for help. There are cleaning professionals near you that can help you keep your home clean during the upcoming holidays. We are those professionals! Thus, if you need such help – feel free to contact us! The estimate is free, and the benefits are many! If you live in West GA, East AL, Southern IL, or Western KY, rest assured you can rely on Spotlessly Clean to help you keep your home clean and organized. Contact us to schedule an appointment and let us handle your home with expertise. Call or text us for a free written estimate, a consultation, or to schedule an appointment!

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