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One thing that is common these days is the fear that corona virus can transfer to you from anyone and anything. Everyone is scared to the core. We don’t know the origin of the virus, we don’t know how to control it and we don’t know how to prevent it from further damaging the human lives. We can help keep ourselves safe from illness by following certain protocols including proper cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces 

Coronavirus can live in the air from 3-4 hours, it can last for one day on cardboard which means that you will be able to touch your deliveries in cardboard after one day. On stainless steel and plastic, the germs can stick for up to three to four days. 

The worst part is that the germs can last on human skin for about four to five days. That’s why handshaking is forbidden if you are in the area where coronavirus is common. 

Why sanitation is important? 

In the religions across the globe, the preachers have always focused on cleanliness and its advantages. Islam, Jewish, Christianity all of them focus on keeping yourself and your living and working spaces clean. “Cleanliness is next to godliness” 

Now the world is agreed that the only thing that is helpful in controlling the coronavirus is proper cleaning measures. Proper cleaning and hygiene can help reduce the risks of coronavirus attack. Sanitation is the most effective way to avoid Coronavirus for now.

Here are some of the important steps to avoid COVID-19. 

  1. Wash your hands properly with soap or hand wash for no less than 20 seconds. Preferably after every hour or so, if you are working. 
  2. Use hand sanitizer after every hour, after every interaction with a human or non-human entity. 
  3. Call any Coronavirus Sanitation service, to clean and sanitize your surroundings properly. 
  4. Do not shake hands with people
  5. Wear a mask on the face.
  6. Maintain a 6 feet gap while talking to someone. 
  7. Avoid public places
  8. Avoid going out unnecessary
  9. Sneeze on a tissue or under the arm to avoid the spread of the germs.
  10. If you feel you are infected or develop any similar symptom, self-isolation is the best answer. 

How to sanitize your surroundings?

There are a number of ways to sanitize your places. Properly clean all the surfaces and doorknobs with any disinfectant you can find in the market. Apply the liquid disinfectant on some cloth and clean everything you find is used frequently by people who go out. 

There are also some sprays that you can spray in the air to clean the air around you. It will kill the germs and viruses in the air and will provide you a better, fresh and clean air. 

If you are unable to find these sprays in the market don’t worry we have another option for you as long as you’re living in Buffalo NY. You can call Home Sanitization Services in Buffalo NY to disinfect your homes and also you can Sanitize Office in Buffalo NY. They’re taking immediate actions against this outbreak and other cleaning companies must be encouraged to do so.

Many countries are using bleach and water mixtures to disinfect the surfaces as the spray is not considered an effective way to get rid of the virus. You can make the same mixtures at your homes too.

All of these services are just a call away, please don’t consider it a luxury consider it a necessity for the lives of people you love and you work with. 

We hope that you don’t have to come across COVID-19 as it is a serious threat to the human race and no vaccination is developed up till now. Many countries are trying to develop a successful vaccine as soon as possible to reduce the risks of more deaths. We wish success to them with all our hearts. Millions of lives depend on this.

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Until then Stay home, Stay safe!

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