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If you’ve done any research about cleaning products and tools recently, you might have encountered the term Electrostatic Disinfection. While this sounds like a cleaning method straight out of Star Trek, it is actually quite common nowadays. So much so that numerous companies wouldn’t be able to keep their offices clean without it. But what precisely is this new method and should you use it for your cleaning? Well, that is what we are here to find out.

What is Electrostatic Disinfection

Let’s first point out the important difference between disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning. Even though people will use these terms interchangeably, know that there is a significant difference to keep in mind. Disinfecting simply means applying a disinfection solution to a surface. It can either come in the form of a gel, liquid, or, as it is in this case, electrically charged microparticles dispersed through the air. You can clean a surface before and after disinfecting it, but keep in mind what disinfection is to understand better how this method works.

How does it work?

Small magnets evenly spread on the floor, giving a visual representation of electrostatic disinfection.
An easy way to imagine electrostatic disinfection is that it turns disinfectant particles into small magnets.

In a nutshell, electrostatic disinfection uses electricity to apply the disinfectant more efficiently and more evenly. Say that you want to disinfect a hard to reach area like a ventilation duct. The main problem you will run into is that a) the place is hard to reach, even with flexible tools. And b) you will have a hard time spraying your disinfectant evenly. Luckily, this is where electrostatic disinfecting comes along. What it does is apply an electric charge to the disinfectant solution.

Even though this charge is small, it is enough to help stick particles to various surfaces at a 360-degree angle. It is, therefore, solving the problem a). Due to having the same charge, the particles push away from each other, spreading much more evenly, thus solving the problem b). Clever, right!

When is it best used?

In essence, there are practically no limitations to using an electrostatic disinfectant. Hard to reach places like vents, HVAC systems, or pipes are great since they are otherwise quite challenging or quite costly to disinfect. But, apart from them, you can use it to clean pretty much any surface. The only limitation is what disinfectant you are going to use. There are different electrostatic sprayers out there, and not all of them can use all chemicals.

Furthermore, certain chemicals are only suited for commercial use, where they won’t come into contact with living beings. So, choose your disinfectant carefully before you use it. If necessary, consult with the manufacturer on what types of disinfectant they recommend.

Cleaning crew
Crew disinfecting surfaces

How does it compare to more traditional cleaning methods?

Some of you may feel that all of this is nice and well, but it is just another fad in cleaning products. We’ve seen loads of “magic cleaners” over the past few decades, all promising twice the cleaning for half the cost. To answer some of your concerns and give you more insight into electrostatic disinfection, we are going to compare it to more traditional methods.

Disinfecting a home

For this, we will assume that you are a conscientious person who likes to keep their home extra clean for health reasons. Or that you are worried about pest infestation, and you want to disinfect a particular area. Well, if you are only focused on easy to reach places like floors or windows, you can pretty much stick to traditional methods. The more you practice, the better you will be at spreading the disinfectant evenly. But, say you want to spray the disinfectant behind a piece of heavy furniture or beneath a huge couch.

man disinfecting-Sanitizing with electrostatic sprayer

Here you have two options if you want to spread the disinfectant evenly. You can either opt for more traditional ways to do this and move the items before and after disinfection. Or you can simply use our electrostatic method and be done with the whole ordeal within minutes. By doing so, you will not only spread the disinfectant more easily, but you will also help it have a more prolonged effect. Precisely because it is evenly spread, your disinfectant will have a much longer, more uniform effect.

Disinfecting a workplace

When it comes to disinfecting workplaces, you pretty much run into the same issues as disinfecting a home, only on a larger scale. Here you cannot rely on traditional methods, as they are time-consuming and require a substantial workforce. Most workplaces need regular disinfection. Far more than you would typically have to do in a home.

And while you can learn how to temporarily store office supplies from and other websites, the simpler option is to use electrostatic disinfecting. More and more professionals are turning towards this method, which is why you should have a relatively easy time finding one that will accommodate you.

Final thoughts

To sum up, electrostatic disinfection is a disinfecting method where the apparatus gives particles an electric charge. This charge makes them static, which helps them both spread more evenly and stick to various surfaces. While it seems like a futuristic, new-age cleaning tool, we strongly feel that more and more people will turn towards it as it is effective and cost-efficient, especially for deep office cleaning. Since it is a fairly standard tool, you can use it in your home, office, or any other area. The only limitations are regarding the type of disinfectant, as not all devices can spread all chemical solutions. Since most companies give a money-back guarantee for at least two weeks, we strongly suggest that you try it, and at least see how much cleaner your home will be due to it.

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