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Whether you’re moving into a brand-new place or a previously owned one, deep cleaning is in order. After all, you are in for a fresh start and nothing says fresh like a thoroughly scrubbed home. There is one significant advantage to cleaning before you move in, and that’s the absence of furniture and other belongings. Now is the perfect time to get your house cleaned top to bottom. It will take much less time and effort.

However, deep cleaning your new residence before you unpack will come as an additional task you might not have the time or strength to perform all by yourself. This is why you should consider booking professional cleaning services before moving in. To start your life in the new home with a clean slate, you might need to ask cleaning experts for help.

Before you deep clean your new home

As we have mentioned above, deep cleaning is easy when your belongings are elsewhere. However, if your movers have already unloaded your things, a helpful solution comes in the form of short-term storage rental. Keep your belongings in a nearby storage unit until your home is properly cleaned and disinfected. Just make sure the unit is spacious enough to fit all your belongings without too much stacking. The ideal storage is clean and pest-free, climate-controlled, secure, easily accessible, and in your new home’s vicinity.

Once your belongings are safely tucked away and your utilities connected, you should make a cleaning plan and gather your chemicals, cloths, brushes, and appliances. Making a checklist is also an important step, as this might be a big project, depending on the size of your home. You need to determine:

Cleaning order and other useful tips

It is essential to both properly clean and disinfect your house, and know the difference between the two. Simple cleaning does not kill germs, but removes the dirt and prepares the surfaces for sanitizing. By removing the visible layers of dirt you, remove the filth where germs hide, and thus you lower the risk of infection. On the other hand, sanitizing, or disinfecting, kills germs with the help of chemicals. For the best and lasting results, you need to clean before you disinfect because disinfectants can’t break through dirt.

So, to deep clean your new home before you move in, you should start with the rooms you need the most. You should start with the bathroom, followed by the kitchen, bedrooms, and living room. Hallways usually come at the end, being high-traffic areas. However, if you don’t have the luxury of owning two or more bathrooms, you should clean the bathroom thoroughly first and then once again after you finish cleaning the rest of the rooms. Otherwise, deep clean one bathroom and use the other for washing and rinsing cleaning cloths, sponges, and the mop.

Cleaning and sanitizing your bathroom

Regular cleaning and sanitizing as a preventive measure has never been more critical. When it comes to the bathroom and its elements, sanitizing becomes a top priority. Consider replacing your toilet seat instead of cleaning it unless you’re the first owner. While a brand new bathroom may look clean enough, you shouldn’t skip washing the tiles, shower cabin doors, cabinets, mirrors, and faucets, aside from the tub, sink, and toilet. In the end, disinfect the doorknobs, light switches, and scrub the floor.

How to clean and disinfect your kitchen

Cleaning your kitchen is by far the most demanding part of this project. It is where you keep and prepare food, and no matter how clean you find it before moving in, it can always be more hygienic. Start with the fridge and freezer, taking each shelf out and washing it separately. Next, clean the stove top, oven, and microwave, then dishwasher and sink. Counter tops and cabinets should follow, and they should be completely dry before you start placing items inside.

To properly clean kitchen appliances, remove all parts that are not fixed, and wash them separately. Pay attention to which cleaning chemicals and tools you should use on specific surfaces to avoid damage. You will not use the same substance to clean your marble counters, back splash, and kitchen cabinets. Don’t forget to clean the vent hood, as its filter may be full of hardened greasy grime. If your kitchen has a pantry attached, clean it, and sanitize it thoroughly. Once again, disinfect all the cabinet handles, doorknobs, light switches, and fixtures, and finish the cleaning with the floor.

Deep clean the rest of the house

Deep cleaning involves tasks that we don’t need to perform that often. This would include a thorough top to bottom cleaning including scrubbing the door, window window sills, washing walls, and wiping the insides of built-in closets. To deep clean your new home, you should make sure you tackled all areas that would usually be covered by furniture or appliances. Once you bring in your furniture and unpack, you will not have to clean your home thoroughly for a few months.

When you wash the windows, doors and their frames, and vacuum and mop all the floors, your cleaning is nearly complete. Finally, wash, rinse, and dry your cleaning tools, and set them away until dry.

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