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Proper house cleaning & disinfecting during Covid-19

Proper house cleaning and  disinfecting is more important than ever. COVID-19 has shaken the world and made people change their lives. Starting from the curfews, lock-downs, and sensation of movement imposed by various governments. This made life very tough for the past few months, but the governments and states are now lifting these measures.

However, we are not out of the woods yet since research has shown, we will live with the virus for some time to come. Therefore, you need to maintain social distancing in public places, wear your mask, and wash and use hand cleaner on your hands. Plus, you should also to eat healthy as to help boost your immune system.

when cleaning  your house needs to be clean as well to keep the virus at bay. The way you clean your home should be done correctly. Did you know that the virus can survive on cardboard surfaces for 24 hours and steel and plastic for 3 days? In this article, we are going to look into how to clean & disinfect your house properly.

Cleaning and disinfecting your house is a two step Process

Cleaning and disinfecting your home should be a top priority to keep your family safe. This is not only from COVID-19 but also other opportunistic diseases and infections.

There is a difference between disinfecting and  only cleaning your home. Cleaning refers to removing dirt and other particles from surfaces and not necessarily disinfecting them. This means you’re carrying them to a different room or place in the house. On the other hand, disinfecting refers to killing the germs or pathogens on surfaces in your house. Disinfecting is done as a two step process. First cleaning to remove dirt and grime, then disinfecting the surfaces after the cleaning is done.

How to clean and disinfect

The CDC recommends you clean and disinfect highly touched surfaces in your homes regularly. This ensures you kill the virus and pathogens in your house. The big question is, how do you clean and disinfect your house? Do you do rush through it or take your time doing it? What do you use to clean and disinfect your house?

According to research, the cleaning of your home should take on average a few hours to do a  thorough job. The cleaning should be done using a cleaning agent and water, then using a disinfectant to sanitize. We recommend the use of a EPA registered household disinfectant. This guarantees your safety from harmful chemicals and  guarantees effective cleaning and disinfecting.

Always ensure you read the label on the product before starting to use it. Some products require one to have gloves and mask on when using them. This is because cleaning your home should be enjoyable and safe.

Cleaning & disinfecting the rooms in your house
Keeping your family healthy during this time is essential. You need to know how to clean your house. Before embarking on a cleaning exercise, you need to decide whether you will use disposable or reusable gloves. However, we recommend the reusable gloves since they are Eco-friendly.

For example, if you have kids in the house, they will touch these places without even thinking about the germs. To them, what is in the kitchen is safe to touch and sometimes eat, especially fruits. Hence cleaning and disinfecting the house should be done correctly. Here are some tips when cleaning the kitchen.
When cleaning the kitchen, do not overlook some places and assume they are automatically clean. This includes places such as the freezer and fridge doors.

Additionally, the cabin doors and the handles should be cleaned using soap and water. Not forgetting the silverware in the kitchen also need cleaning. During this epidemic, you cannot leave anything to chance.
The next step is disinfecting the surfaces, spray, or wipe it. Leave the detergent to rest on the surface for 4 minutes. Once this time elapses, wipe it clean using a dump cloth or sponge. On the other hand, if you have reusable grocery bags, soak them in hot soapy water and wash afterwards.

The kitchen floor should be cleaned using water, soap, and disinfectant. However, begin with sweeping or vacuuming the floor. Sweep under the table, and cabinets removing the cobwebs, dirt and food particles. Once this is done, begin to mop the floor and then to finish with the disinfecting solution. Make sure you leave the solution for 4 minutes to air-dry. This, in turn, kills the pathogens.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one needs to wash their hands for twenty seconds. We understand doing this in the house can be a bit of an uphill task. Therefore, we suggest disinfecting the surfaces in the living room and the house.

For the soft surfaces, we recommend using disinfectant sprays. This includes the pillows. Spray the solution and allow it to settle for 5 seconds before wiping. You would want it to remain dump and wet.

When it comes to the hard surfaces, allow the solution to rest for five minutes before wiping. Then, allow the surface the air dry, which kills the germs on it.

Plus, the switches and lampshades need to be wiped clean and disinfected. This includes the remote controls and electronics in the room. The electronics need to be disinfected using the solution and not washed.

Wipe them with a damp cloth that has been immersed in the solution. If it is a spray disinfectant, spray it on the cloth and then wipe it.

We recommend cleaning and disinfecting the hard surfaces twice daily. This is because the room is exposed to a lot of body fluids, which can be very dangerous to the kids. If you are offering home-based care to a COVID-19 patient, the room should be cleaned and disinfected immediately after use.

Steps on how to clean your house

When cleaning and disinfect the house, you need to have a tactical approach. This means you make a plan on what you will start with to the last thing to be done. If you do not have a plan for this, you might end up not doing a complete house cleaning . We have prepared a guide below on how to start your attack against germs and pathogens.

It’s the first step of clan the house. You should  clean and dust each room. You should ensure you clean and dust off all the ceiling fans, windows, window sills, shelves, counters, tables, handrails, furniture, and TV screens. If it’s a place that requires dry dusting, then do it. This is mostly done on the electronics in the house

The various surfaces in the room need to be wiped down using water, soap, and disinfectant solution. This includes the counters, tabletops, underneath the shelves, the bed frame. To be safe, go throughout the house, cleaning any hard surfaces.

It can be tiresome, but to ensure you enjoy doing it play your favorite music. This keeps you motivated when clean the surfaces.

After the kitchen floor, you can move to the bathroom floor and any other floor in the house. Do not rush through the cleaning process; take your time, and enjoy it.

Once the floor is a dry start to vacuum the house, this includes the carpets on the floor and stairs. This should be done as you move out of the room.

Cleaning Conclusion

It is proven that cleaning the house helps to burn calories in the body. Additionally, you will be able to keep away infections and diseases. During this epidemic, we recommended cleaning the house more regularly.

This can help you and your family stay safe from COVID-19 Corona Virus. Always remember to wash your hands with warm water and soap after finishing the cleaning. This removes the germs and disinfecting solutions that might have spilled into the gloves.

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