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Recent studies from Indiana University have shown that there is a direct correlation between living in a clean home and physical fitness. It’s evident that people that are living in these conditions feel better. However, you’ve probably wondered what would happen if you postponed that cleaning planner you downloaded. Is it that scary to take a break for a little while? To get you the best answer to this question, we decided to reveal the top 5 health benefits of a clean home.

All of these things are here to help you realize just how vital your cleaning routine is and how you and your loved ones can benefit from it.

A Clean Bedroom Leads to Better Sleep

If you have a hard time getting some rest during the night, know that you’re not alone. The National Sleep Foundation recently did a study in which they found out that almost 45% of Americans are dealing with poor sleep.

Even when we try to turn off for the night, our minds are constantly running. We think about the things that didn’t get done while we attempt to fall asleep, and that creates problems. If your bedroom is messy, that’s just one more thing to get your mind out of a relaxed state.

Therefore, it’s not enough to just deep clean your new home before moving in and forget about it later. You should keep your bedroom spotless at all times if you want to get some quality sleep.

A Decluttered Space Can Improve Your Mental Health

We have all seen a house covered in clutter at least once. Laundry everywhere, kid’s school papers scattered all around, and empty cups on nearly every shelf.

Living in these conditions can quickly get overwhelming. In fact, it can contribute to anxiety, stress, and depression. Over time, our brain starts playing tricks on us and turns on a sort of filter, so we become blind to the clutter. However, other parts of our brains become over saturated, and all they see is the mess and piles of items. Even if you are not aware that you’re thinking about these things, you most likely are.

On the contrary, a clean and clutter-free space affects our brains positively. Our visual cortex is not overwhelmed, and we’re able to concentrate on the task at hand. It seems that fewer things tend to make life simpler, so you definitely should spend some time de-cluttering and organizing of getting rid of all those unnecessary items you’ve accumulated over the years.

Healthier Food Choices Come with a Clean Home

Now, we all know that dirty and off-smelling spaces make us feel stressed. But, did you know that these things directly influence your food choices? So, if you put it in reverse, having a tidy home will lead to better eating habits and generally a healthier lifestyle.

And it’s only logical if you think about it. A messy kitchen is not fun to cook nor eat in it. People with healthier kitchens tend to spend more time in them making more nutritious meals and snacks.

We know that this may not sound like a big deal, but it adds up pretty quickly. Eating out a lot means that you’re ingesting almost trice as many calories as opposed to cooking at home. Let that sink in.

Ease Seasonal Allergy Symptoms with a Clean Home

When you’re moving, you have to take all of your possessions out of the house. And as our friends from tell us, this is when many people experience allergic reactions because they didn’t clean their homes properly. That got us thinking, so we did a little bit of research.

It turns out that no matter if you’re allergic to pollen and mold or have indoor allergies like dust and dust mites, you can significantly reduce your symptoms with just a thorough clean.

You are bringing the allergens like mold and pollen into the house on your shoes and clothes. And that combined with dust that’s inside the house can make for a ferocious tandem.

Regular vacuuming with a high-powered filter vacuum, paying special attention to bathrooms, and dusting with a wet cloth are the things you can do to minimize the risk of allergy symptoms.

You’ll Save Money by Having a Consistently Clean and Tidy Home

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, staying on top of regular cleaning tasks and keeping clutter in your home to a minimum can save you money in several ways.

Make Your Home Spotless With the Help of Professionals

As you can see, all of these health benefits of a clean home can have a significant impact on your lifestyle. However, if you feel like it requires too much work, don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals. With the help of the crew from Spotlessly Clean, you can have a well-kept home every day of the year.

If you are located in West GA, East AL, Western KY, or Southern IL, reach out to us today and we will be happy to provide you with a free written estimate and  schedule your next cleaning session!

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