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Deep cleaning your house doesn’t always happen in summer, because many people go on vacations or have friends and family over and enjoy all the fun summer activities. Summer is a time for relaxation and fun actives. All of that leaves your house in desperate need of a thorough cleaning session. So as the summer is nearing its end, it’s time to talk about the importance of deep cleaning your house before fall. It’s not just important to deep clean your house because you didn’t have the time all summer but also because the new season is coming. During the summer, you don’t spend as much time in the house as in the fall. As it’s getting colder, you will spend much more time in. So it’s essential to clean the house of all the germs, dust, and bacteria.

Reds tile roof with rain
The importance of deep cleaning your house before fall is best seen on the outside

When beginning your deep cleaning process, start from the outside. That’s the most crucial area to prepare for the fall. Begin with your yard and any outdoor space you have. And if you think that is going to be easier than cleaning all the rooms in the house, you’d be mistaken. There are many things to take care of on the outside. Start from the roof. That may seem daunting, but you can take some steps to simplify the process. Check out the roof to see if there is anything wrong. And if there is, don’t hesitate to hire professionals to fix it. Then clean your roof and take care of the gutters. After you are done with the roof, there are some more things to take care of:

Go room by room

Don’t start deep cleaning without a plan in place. This entire process can feel overwhelming, so it’s best to be organized. Make a checklist for every room individually and use it as a guideline. Also, prepare everything you are going to need for your cleaning; it will make the process faster.

Clean the kitchen

There is a lot of work involved in deep cleaning your kitchen. Start with the fridge. Take all the food out. Throw away everything that expired and keep the rest. Then before putting the food back in, thoroughly clean the refrigerator from the inside. The next step is the kitchen cabinets. Once again, take everything out and clean the cabinets. Dust them first, then wipe them. Then put everything back but make sure it’s organized. You should clean a stove very carefully. Use the right cleaning products that won’t damage the surface. After the stove, clean your dishwasher according to the manual you got when you bought it. And then all that’s left is wiping the counters and mopping the kitchen floors.

Don’t skip the bathroom

The next room that you should focus on is the bathroom. And deep cleaning is ideal for the bathroom because it’s where the most germs and bacteria appear. First, declutter all your cabinets and throw away all the unnecessary stuff. Then clean your bath or shower. And don’t skip the shower curtains; they also get really dirty. Wipe your sink and thoroughly clean the toilet. In the end, mop the floors.

Organized closet

Onto the bedroom

That closet that can barely contain all the clothes inside perfectly signifies the importance of deep cleaning your house before fall. It’s time to organize your closet. Put away your summer clothes and prepare clothes for the fall. Then decide what you don’t need and don’t wear anymore and either throw it away or donate it. Pay special attention to your bed. First, wash the bedding. Especially the pillowcases, they are in direct contact with your face and should be deeply cleaned. Then don’t forget the mattress. Vacuum it first. Then there is a neat trick with baking soda. Put some baking soda on the mattress, and it will absorb all the bad smells from it. After that, vacuum again.

Gream dust mop on wood floor
Leave the living room for last

In the end, focus on the living room. Dust every surface and all the ornaments and photos. Vacuum the couch, pillows, and sofas. Also, throw away anything that you don’t need anymore and is taking up space. All that’s left to do is wash the curtains and clean the carpets, and you are done.


After deep cleaning your house, you can add some fun finishing touches just to make everything look fresher. Buy some new paintings or pillows. Think about focusing on the outside. Refresh your lawn a little. If you have artificial turf, consider hiring professionals to take care of it. There are great companies, like, who can help you. You can also put a layer of fresh paint on your fence. Small details like this can make all the difference.

In conclusion

You will see the importance of deep cleaning your house before fall when you are done cleaning, and your house is glowing. Going into a new season is much easier with a clean and organized home. But remember, do not start this process without a plan. Start from the outside and then go room by room through your house. Deep cleaning is not a simple task, and many people would get overwhelmed. So don’t hesitate and get some professional help.

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